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Panama will host the 8th Our Ocean Conference on 2 - 3 March 2023

In March 2023, the Republic of Panama will become the first Central American country to host the Our Ocean Conference. With the theme Our Ocean… Our Connection, the Government of Panama will highlight the importance of knowledge as the basis of our actions and policies to ensure protection of our ocean, responsible management of marine resources, and sustainable future economic growth. The 8th Our Ocean Conference will be a momentous event for all governments, businesses, and peoples to demonstrate their interest in saving the ocean through measurable impacts and cooperation.

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Six Action Areas

We cannot commit to saving our ocean ecosystems without limiting human activities within them.

The 8th Our Ocean Conference will seek to highlight the importance of creating MPAs, growing Sustainable Blue Economies and Tourism and finding innovative solutions to end Marine Pollution.


Tourism is the economic engine of many countries, characterized by its permeability to various economic sectors of a country both national and international. The Caribbean region, however, is a region that has been highly affected by climate change. At the end of COP26 in 2021, the focus was on sustainable tourism, with more than 450 signatory organizations of the "Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism", all united under the same purpose: the search for concrete actions in the industry, that can mitigate the devastating consequences of climate change, and favor the regeneration of our ecosystems, biodiversity, and communities.


Most of the chemicals and trash washed or blown into the ocean come from land sources. Pollution of rivers is also a significant element of pollution of the ocean. This ultimately has devastating effects on marine life as well as human who obtain their nourishment from the ocean. Scientific and Innovative advances can give rise to useful aids and tools in the efforts against contamination of the ocean. Innovative ideas and practices, along with out-of-the-box solutions should also be considered since this titanic struggle demands a comprehensive approach.


Many activities that are detrimental to the ocean, can be regulated through a better and more comprehensive governance of the ocean, which in turn can only be brought about by joint cooperation among nations and entities that are fully aware of the economic factors related as well as of the interrelatedness of biological organisms and ecosystems. Actions to establish and conserve these areas are deemed essential for marine conservation.